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Manufactory instruction

WEIHAI JIUFENG GARMENT CO., LTD is a professional supplier who engages in garment manufacturing and trading and also specializes in high-level leisure garment,coats, parka ,sportswear and down jacket etc. JIUFENG GARMENT has many long-term cooperation product factories in our Weihai City and around area, which is rich in labor resources , and near the biggest export port of North China ,Qingdao port . 10 production line to ensure Total output over 5000.00 pcs&sets down coat or parka per month ,for normal shirts , 10000.00pcs per month. Many items such as down jacket、ski suit、padding jacket、T-shirt、Single Jacket、Casualjacket、Windbreaker Coat and etc. Products are buy-able in Europe,Canada,America,South Korea, Japan, HongKong etc.

Professional Different Production Line for Different Fabric

For woven products like padded coat , down coat , jacket , down jacket , parka and etc we have stable cooperated professional production factory and production line for that . This special team have rich experience for these kinds products for years, different product departments communicate with each other closely to make sure each designer's details is interpreted perfectly . For knit products like knitted shirt , Leggins , we also have long-term cooperated knitted product factory ,which is professional in knitted fabric products.  


Excellent Cooperation


JIUFENG GARMENT believe that"customer first, quality foremost" . So no matter what is in front of us ,we will face with each of our customer all the time.
When we cooperated with Hamrick’s Inc we have finished “Compliance Certification” / “C-TPAT Supply Chain Profile Questionnaire” / “FACTORY SECURITY ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE” / “WORLDWIDE SOURCING POLICY.


JIUFENG GARMENT has passed ISO9001 Quality management System Verification and ISO014001 environment management system verification ,meeting the international industrial criteria.
Recently , JIUFENG GARMENT has made new development strategy to implement market diversification .
We are focusing on our product quality and customer service , striving to open a brand-new territory !

Production Procedure 

JIUFENG GARMENT may be not a large group company ,but we did a good company which have strict control on each process .
1.The cloth inspection
Before we start to order the fabric, we will send the fabric sample for customers approval ,when it get approved , we will start the fabric order.
After we receive all he fabric , the related test will be done .
Each time a batch of goods is made, 10% to 20%of every jar of cloth  should be sampled to inspect
to see whether the fabric has color difference, defects and to inspect the fabric width  and   the weight of cloth ,etc.
If it is not up to standard , 100%  Inspection must be carried out.The defective products will be returned to the cloth factory
2.Accessories Inspection
All the accessories must be needle-detected by the accessory Warehouse.Together with the specification, quantity and fading inspection
The inspected products and the un-inspected products Must be separated and marked well.
The accessory warehouse group offers the detailed accessory card To the production divisions to check when clothing are being made.
3.Computer Marker
According to the patterns that the customers offer or the related information, the pattern masters design the patterns,
And print the patterns with our own computer , and make a sample according to our printed pattern . Each details follow the designer’s rules . And then send this sample for customer for first approval .
Then, we will discuss with the customer about this prototype , we will make the adjustment as the customers suggestion after the inspect this sample .
And then , revise the pattern again, use the production management system of the latest edition computer clothing manufacturing industry  to type, grade, and make makers.
4.Production Sample
After all the details of the garment confirmed rightly , we will make some production sample for customers for second stage approval. The qty will be decided as the customers’ need  .
When we get the approval of these production samples , we will begin the bulk production .
5.Production meeting
A week before a bulk production,The production manager will hold the preproduction meeting.
The preparation and the related terms will be discussed at the meeting about how to solve the knotty problems in time so as to ensure that the batch of goods can produce for the customers on schedule
6.Cutting Stage 
Checking and matching of cutting pieces
In order to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement and the stable shape of the cutting pieces ,The finished cutting pieces must be inspected before they go to the sewing workshop.There must be patterns of the same styles of cutting pieces on the checking platform.The checkers of the cutting pieces must compare every cutting piece with its pattern .The required size and the shape must be the same as that of the pattern.
Assembly line is adopted in the sewing workshop ,Smooth assembly line helps to Improve the enthusiasm of the work and make the sewing production procedure clear. reduce the probability rate that goes wrong in the course of sewing.
In order to guarantee the quality of the products ,Course checkers are required on each assembly line,to carry on 100% checking to work in process,They can just flow into the next process after being qualified
One patrolling QC is allocated in each workshop and feed back problems appearing in production in time, which can prevent the problems and solve the problems as soon as possible?
In order to guarantee the finished clothes’ security, needle changing system must be carried out in the sewing workshop.
The products checked by the finishing checking staff must be reexamined by QC ,The shirts not conforming to the standard should be returned to the finishing checking department to be reexamined
This has guaranteed the quality of the finished clothes.
The size not up to standard will be needed to do over again and can't flow into the next process
During the process of packing the packaging QC sample and check the packed clothes ,If they aren’t up to standard they must be returned to be repacked until they are qualified
9.Needle Testing
At last all finished product must be sent to the needle testing room to carry on needle testing.Before needling testing and packing, we must check whether there are adhesive tapes or other things in the box.
Stop all the metal impurity that violates the safety of finished fashion like needle heads, pinpoint, etc
Finally every finished garment must be scanned for needle testing to make sure that the mistaken size or mistaken labeling will not occur
10.Final Shipping Approval
Before we ship the clothes , we will send out customers some fit samples for shipping approval .
With these samples , the customers will make a final inspection about each details of this cloth .
Any part of this cloth is not meet customers need , we will reshaping the problem products or remake the products , until we get the final shipping released .
11.Finish all the packaging
After all above stage ,this mean our all clothes are ready for shipping ,we will packaged them well and wait for our customers instruction .